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    Congratulations Dalian Tongyong Chemical Co., Ltd. website online!

    Company Profile

    Dalian Tongyong Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 1996 and is a new and high-tech enterprise developed under cooperation of DICP and Dalian University of Technology. We use most advanced production technique to manufacture Raney nickel catalyst, Nickel aluminium alloy powder, nickel-based catalyst and precious metal catalyst. There is advanced production equipment and powerful technical strength. Our company is specialized in research, development, production and selling of catalysts and special fine chemicals. We have a united laboratory in Dalian University of Technology and Nanjing University of Technology, and have a production base of catalyst and special fine chemicals in Dalian Wafangdian Industrial Zone and Xuzhou of Jiangsu. We expect to develop our company to be a top grade research and manufacturing of catalysts and special chemicals.


    Tongyong Chemical emphasizes on enterprise construction. In management, we implement world advanced management concept and in quality system, we uses ISO9001:2008 international quality management system. Our company has been awarded as “superior quality and excellent recommend product” by China Chemical Institute Fine chemical Committee. From general staffs to senior managers, all employees are professionally trained to promote manufacturing and management level and enterprise competitiveness. We grasp progressive technique and testing methods through communication with technicist home and abroad and through practice. There is professional technicist responsible for quality track and technical service.


    We have 2 production bases distributed in Dalian and Xuzhou with annual output of 2400 tons and 3200 tons. Nowadays our company has annual production capacity of 3000 tons of nickel aluminium alloy powder, 2000 tons of raney nickel, 1200 tons of nickel catalyst, 100 tons of fixed bed catalyst, 100 tons of precious metal catalyst. In Xuzhou, we have hydrogenation semi-works equipped with 0.5m3 and 1m3 high-pressure hydrogenation reaction to complete customized production.

    Our products are widely applied in chemical, medical, dyes, food, perfume, chemical fiber, oil and grease industry. They have been exported to America, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Taiwan and Hong Kong region. Our principle is “innovation, efficiency, development, win-win, god faith. We will make effort to develop a sustainable development and world top level enterprise of catalysts and special chemicals.

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